Jay Sean – Maybe

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Jay Sean – Maybe Lyrics

Beep, beep on
Now there goes my phone
And once again
I’m just hoping it’s a text from you
It ain’t right
Read your messages twice, thrice, four times a night it’s true
Everyday I patiently wait
Feeling like a fool but I do anyway
Nothing can feel as sweet and as real
Coz no way I would’ve waited in pain

And maybe it’s true I’m caught up on you
Maybe there’s a chance you’re stuck on me too
Maybe I’m wrong it’s all in my head
Maybe we’re afraid of words we both hadn’t said

I’m always connected online
Turn facebook/myspace all the time
Hoping you’ve checked my profile
Just can’t help wondering why you play it cool
But sometimes I’m hopelessly falling for you
Every night on the phone and I
In love with you and I know that you like it girl
All joking inside lets see you and I
Come out and say what you’re trying to hide


Like I really want you
I think I need you
Maybe I miss you
I’m thinking of you
Like I really want you
I think I need you
Maybe I miss you
I’m thinking of you


Released: 2008
Album: My Own Way
Label: Jayded / 2Point9
Genre: Pop / R&B

Did you know?

This song was very popular in Japan where it reached #7 on the Japan Hot 100 Singles chart and #1 on the Japanese Airplay Charts in 2008. It also reached #19 on the UK Singles Chart.

Jay Sean - Maybe, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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